How to Use Facebook

Facebook is an easy tool great for communicating with friends and family all around the globe. Setting it up is simple, and this tutorial will take you through the setup step-by-step!



  1. Go to

  2. Fill out the required information. Your page should look similar to the one below:  

  3. That’s it! Now you have a Facebook account! Next, you can add friends. As soon as you’re done setting up your account, your page should look like the one below. Using your email(s), you can invite your contacts to add you on Facebook or make their own Facebook accounts.



  1. As soon as you setup your account, you should immediately set your privacy settings to your preference. Click on the drop down menu from the small lock in the top right corner, as shown below.

  2. First, click on “Who can see my stuff?” Based on your preference, choose “Public” so that anyone with a Facebook account can see all of your statuses and pictures. Otherwise, choose “Friends” so that only those who you add or accept as friends can see your posts. This is the more secure option, especially if you do not want strangers knowing or seeing things about you.

  3. Next, under the same “Privacy Shortcuts” menu, click “Who can contact me?” Once again, based on your preference, choose whether you want anyone to be able to send you a friend request or only friends of friends. Either way, you must first accept someone’s friend request before they can view all of your personal information and posts (if you chose “Friends” for “Who can see my stuff?”)

  4. Finally, click “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”. Here, you can type someone’s name or email to block them. Blocking means they cannot see any of your posts and you cannot see any of their posts. Even if they search for your name, you will not show up. You are completely hidden from them and they are completely hidden from you. You can reverse the blocking whenever you choose to by clicking “View All Blocked Users” in the same location.



  1. Click the “Home” button in the top right corner to get to your home screen.

  2. Click on the text box that is titled “Update Status” and type whatever you want to share with your friends!

  3. Before posting, check your privacy setting in the small white drop down menu in the bottom right corner of the text box. Once again, you get to choose whether you want to share with just friends or with the public.

  4. Not only can you post status updates, but you can also post photos and videos to share with your friends. Right next to the “Update Status” button, there is an “Add Photos/Video” button. Once you click this, your screen should look similar to the one below: Here, you can choose whether you want to create an entire album, or only upload a single photo. Either way, a dialog box should pop up allowing you to select what photos/video you would like to upload.

  5. Additionally, you can “tag” friends in your posts. This means that they will see your post. You can also tag them in photos, meaning it is a photo of them. These posts will not only show up on your profile but will also appear on your friend’s profile. To tag, click on the small icon in the bottom left, circled below. You can even add your location by clicking on the pinpoint icon close to the tagging icon.

  6. You can share articles, photos, and videos of your friends or pages you have liked. These posts will show up on your timeline (your personal page), as well as the feed of your friends. When you see an article you like and want to share, simply click the “Share” button.



Those are the basics of Facebook. Remember to always use it wisely and to never post too much personal information that could attract the wrong kinds of friends! Other than that, Facebook is a safe place to share updates on your life with your family and friends no matter how close or far away they are.