Isha vora: President

Hi! I am a senior at East Brunswick High School with a passion for utilizing technology to make the world a better place. I have earned the Girl Scout Silver Award, in which I teamed up with Robert Wood Johnson’s Children’s Specialized Hospital to provide patients with audiobooks and educational videos and the Girl Scout Gold Award, in which I partnered with local senior centers to provide one-on-one technology help. I also co-organized TEDxEastBrunswickHighSchool 2018- Limitless. Overall, I aim to help bridge the digital divide through the means of community service and creative thinking.

ebtecs prof pic.jpeg

Kayla wong: co- vice president

Hello! My name is Kayla Wong, and I am a junior at East Brunswick High School. I am interested in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I love building robots and DIY projects that allow me to expand my creative mind. Currently, I am the driver, and part of the mechanical team for East Brunswick FIRST Robotics. I also host STEM Nights in my community to spread the STEM Initiative. During these STEM Nights, I teach students about code, engineering, and robotics. I’m excited to be part of this year’s EBTECS Executive Board to further my passions for STEM.


Ray chen: Co- vice president

I'm Ray Chen, a senior at East Brunswick High School. I have a STEM background, specifically interested Computer Science. However as technology is playing a more integral part to our society, I am happy to be a part of EBTECS and bridge the digital divide.