Executive Board Information

Thank you for your interest in applying for the EBTECS executive board for the 2015-2016 school year. This year, the positions of Vice President, Secretary, and Event Coordinator will be available to new candidates. Please look below for a general overview of the duties of the executive board as well as a breakdown of each position.

Positions and Responsibilities

  1. President - As president, you must oversee all club activities to ensure everything runs as smooth and efficient as possible. You need to make the final decisions when no one else can. If something is not working as planned or an issue arises, you must find a solution. You are also responsible for updating the website and answering any emails and calls.
  2. Vice President - As vice president, you need to monitor the hours to date sheet and make any needed corrections. You oversee all advertising efforts and ensure that advertisements are properly approved and posted. When necessary, you need to help plan and facilitate club events.
  3. Secretary - As secretary, you need to record activities during meetings and inform the other members of any new information. You will submit any announcements for approval and help sync up the school calendar with club events. Before each meeting, you will be calling the majority of adults to inform them of the upcoming meeting. You are responsible for managing the student and adult databases and keeping all data organized. 
  4. Event Coordinator - As event coordinator, you will need to plan and facilitate all school events. You are required to handle every part of the event planning process including type of event, choosing a date, advertising, and anything else necessary to ensure that the event runs as smooth as possible. 

In addition to the above responsibilities, all members are expected to update the website when necessary, check emails and phone calls regularly, and keep members up to date. It is imperative that all members properly communicate and cooperate with each other in order to ensure that tasks are completed as efficiently as possible. All members are expected to invest the appropriate amount of time into club activities.

***Note: The above responsibilities are only the primary functions of each position. Based on your own decisions in the executive board, you may choose to change these responsibilities, but the basics generally remain the same. In addition to the above list, each person is responsible for utilizing their own talents to help improve the club (ex. If you are good at art, you will be in charge of designing banners).